Wednesday, June 10, 2020


How To Carry On Working In Times Of Crisis!

Although slowly easing up, with Lockdown restrictions still set in place and a new work from home mentality being the new norm for many businesses nationwide here in the UK, there is still a sense of uncertainty surrounding the matter at hand when it comes to the continuation of how we will carry on working during times of crisis.

This is in no means limited only to news relating to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but to all crises we find ourselves encountering at any time within the near or distant future, whether that may be natural disasters or financially in the form of a recession.

However, saying this, thanks to the pandemic, business owners worldwide have finally come to realise a real importance towards having measures in place to show preparedness. From this they are only now beginning to understand and further explore the alternative options available to them to stay afloat during times just like these.

For many businesses prior to the Coronavirus, the idea of working remotely from home was one that will already have been pre-established within the company and accepted and encouraged to employees as part of their working contracts.

But not all companies have been as open and forthcoming with the idea as others.

Moving forward however, with a modern workforce and way of thinking now looking to take centre stage, it’s likely that this form of office working will continue to thrive, seeing growth and momentum with its popularity amongst businesses both small and enterprise based alike.

With the continued utilisation underway and positive outcomes being shown for all business types, far more organisations across the country will be ready to jump on board and take advantage, even after that first sense of normality begins to take place in our daily lives once again.

Predictions might state that the new normal of working could involve a much more evened split between office and home, with some possibly choosing to favour a home office overall due to the impact it has had on business life at this time.

The term remote access solutions’ refers to distance and a lack of connection to those around you. With remote working this is not the full story.

Although being away from your usual office environment and work-based atmosphere, there are rules and methodology that will be set in place to enable colleagues/employees to remain in close contact and be on the same page throughout each working day, despite the distance from person to person.

Innovations in online technology ensures that this is possible for all to benefit from and access to such avenues has never been easier or as cost effective, making it a one size solution that really does fit all.

Right now, as a nation and as a collective we are facing things that have been unknown to many up until this point, with actions and regulations to ensure safety is at the forefront of everything we do, even when that comes to how we work. With that in mind, there is no reason to cut corners. Remain strong in your workforce with remote working.

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