Tuesday, January 17, 2023


All you need to know about Network Design & Implementation.

Although many businesses know that they require Network Design & Implementation within their business, not many people understand the processes behind designing and implementing a network.

This article is a breakdown of understanding the steps behind network design and implementation.

We start by getting to know the company, and gathering all the necessary information in the consultation phase such as your future plans regarding your network, as endpoints, users, devices, and other network elements. Your Network may need to be built from scratch. Knowing valuable information helps us build the bigger picture, and lets us create a plan in establishing further steps.

Designing stage

With network design services we use all of the valuable information about your business our work goes further into creating, a network diagram. A network diagram is a visual representation of the network's components, their connections, and the flow of information between them.

Typically, the components are represented as boxes, with arrows showing the connections between them and the flow of information. Network diagrams are used to identify and analyze network requirements, design solutions, and troubleshoot network issues. They can also be used to improve communication between network users and administrators, helping everyone to understand the network better.

 Building the network from scratch requires an extra step in assembling all the points. In comparison, with an existing network environment, we will include the current infrastructure, which will be kept running during the installation of the network.

 Network Implementation

The installation of IT networks typically involves the setup and configuration of network hardware, such as routers, switches, and access points, as well as the installation of cabling and wiring infrastructure. Additionally, the installation of the appropriate software components, such as operating systems and applications, may be necessary. Finally, the configuration of the network, including the setup of security protocols, is essential for the successful functioning of the network. Having highly skilled engineers with good and recognized accreditation will help ensure that the processes are running smoothly. Before the network will go live, the network team will also provide comprehensive testing and quality assurance to ensure that the network is functioning properly before going live. After that, depending on which company you run with, you should receive ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your network is always running optimally.