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What is it and Why get it?

Unlock Freedom with Your Secure Remote Access Solution

Feeling confined to your office desk? Imagine having the power to connect to your work essentials anytime, anywhere. That's where our Secure Remote Access Solution comes in - putting the control back in your hands. With our solution, you're not just working remotely; you're working securely, 

ensuring your data and applications are at your fingertips without compromise. Here at Network Consultancy, we're changing the game. How? By offering you a meticulously designed solution that addresses your security concerns head-on. Wondering about those everyday internet-connected devices in your home office? We've got you covered. Experience true freedom with our Cloud Secure Remote Access Solution and embrace a new era of flexible and secure remote work.

Is it Secure?

Whilst remote access is important during these times, it is also important that it is well implemented and managed.

At Network Consultancy, we offer a solution that has been through proper oversight and preparation, combatting any security concerns, especially the presence of unsecured, everyday internet-connected devices (IoT) in the home.

Secure Data

“With more people likely to work from home in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, now is the time for companies to review their security procedures related to remote access in office systems, to secure all endpoints and ensure that their connection to the corporate network is secure. If someone is working remotely, they are working on a network not directly controlled by their business. This is why it’s essential for companies to set up processes to enable staff to connect remotely to corporate systems securely.”

David Emm, Security Expert

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Remote Access solutions are key to today’s working infrastructure. Today, your office can be wherever you are: at home, at the airport or at the café. Regardless of your location, you can still work to the best of your ability, and continue thriving.

The modern workforce needs secure remote access solutions, so they can have secure access to increased resources from more remote devices and platforms than ever before.

Your everyday work will be much easier and relaxed; if someone was stuck away from the office (because of illness, harsh weather, travel restrictions), they can still be productive. Businesses without remote working solutions will lose countless days of productivity every year.


Remote working access also promotes safeguarding within the workplace, which should be a priority for all employers. Due to recent events involving both the Coronavirus and harsh weather conditions, many workplaces are taking advantage of their remote working to keep their employees safe.

Currently, to help contain the Coronavirus, people are staying home and creating boundaries for themselves, a self-imposed quarantine you might say. Workplaces should do the same. The UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, recently declared that up to a fifth of UK workers ‘could be off sick at the same time’.

Another example is Twitter. They are recently ‘strongly encouraging’ all its employees (5,000) to not come into work. The company has made it mandatory for all staff in Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong to work remotely. This comes shortly after they banned non-essential business trips for its employees.

Businesses with Remote Access are able to continue to work as usual.

Remote working not only helps keep your staff protected, but ultimately, happy and settled. Key aspects for a growing company that’s keen to limit staff turnover.

Team Morale

Treat your people like people, not robotic commodities. Remote access gives them more flexibility and control in their day-to-day lives, and shows them that they’re trusted to work alone.

These days, a work-life balance is extremely important and is being pushed more every-day. With remote access, employees can have this balance while keeping their productivity up. This, in turn, increases morale in the workplace, which is needed for a healthy working environment and efficient productivity.

Remote Access Support Team

The Solution

There are many different types of remote access software you can get that may or may not help you. We can advise you on choosing and maintaining remote access software that will really benefit your business. All options are secure, reliable and flexible. We’re here to help you choose what’s best for you.

The right software will save you both time and money, allowing you to focus on your business.

At Network-Consultancy, we can grant you remote access solutions so your team can continue working efficiently and safely, wherever they may be. We deliver high quality ‘in-office’ experiences, without you having to be ‘in-office’.

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