Thursday, November 28, 2019


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Data centres have become the hub of business activity for many organisations as applications are deployed that can help them quickly gain a competitive edge. Virtualisation, private clouds and mobile computing are providing the agility, flexibility and scalability needed to make the fast, informed decisions that enable quick responses to business conditions.

This growth brings major security concerns, though. A recent CIO Magazine Custom Solutions Group survey by IDG Research shows wariness among respondents about being able to protect business-critical data in the cloud computing environment. Almost half say they are only somewhat confident that they can provide adequate security in this arena.

At the same time, CIOs know that their current security technologies are due for a refresh. For instance, 52 percent say that mobile device security needs to be reconsidered. Almost half— 49 percent—report that IPS and access control measures are out of date in their organisation. Just a slightly smaller number, 44 percent, claim they need to install new firewalls, and 41 percent are looking at revamping protections for servers and storage. Their concerns map closely to what is known about emerging threat vectors cropping up in mobile, virtual and cloud environments.

Juniper understands that threats can mean more harm if security devices are kept separate from one another and that has guided the design of the SRX gateway. For instance, if organisations have to deal with multiple products and multiple consoles that can’t communicate, they can’t apply consistent policies to virtual machines, mobile devices and data in the cloud. This leaves holes that can lead to a data breach, leakage, and compliance and reporting issues.

The simple fact for CIOs to grasp is that managed network security solutions do not make managing security as a whole an easy proposition. Instead, because they involve multitudes of hardware and software products, you have to monitor numerous consoles and develop specialised skills for each product. And, those are characteristics that are untenable for budget-conscious organisations that are trying to consolidate while operating with a limited staff, or that simply see complexity as an effective enemy of good security.

In a virtual environment it is critical for IT to maintain control and uniformly deploy corporate security policies across the organisation to ensure business continuity. Extending this complexity to virtual environments, makes it nearly impossible to gain the visibility across the enterprise required for proper end-to-end data protection, reporting and compliance.

Juniper Networks’ SRX Series high-performance, scalable security services gateway integrates firewalls, virtual private network (VPN), application security, content filtering, IPS and other tools into a single product. Its high port density, chassis-based form factor is four to five times as fast as the leading competitor and is engineered to reduce security overhead.

With this all-in-one, full-featured gateway, Juniper has solved the problem of patch worked network security.

The Juniper SRX has been engineered from the ground up to ensure maximum protection that is transparent to the user. With SRX, security is never the bottleneck. For example, packets are opened once and then passed along to the appropriate area for inspection.

With all these attributes, it’s clear that Juniper Networks is the strategic partner IT executives need for help in rolling out innovative features and gaining optimal performance.